• External audit services, by-Law 133/2002;
  • Internal audit services, by-Law;
  • Training and guidance in regard to applying the OMF 94/2001;
  • Consulting in regard to applying the Intrenational Accounting Standards;
  • Consulting in regard to organizing the evidence when retreating the 31/12/2002 balance, in accordance with OMF 94/2001;
  • Accounting expertise;
  • Immovable evaluations and investments;
  • Other specific services related to the special needs and requests of your organization.

In order to meet your necessities, our highly experienced specialists could offer you a customized packet services structured on studies, procedures and consulting hours.

Some of the basic services that our company could provide to you are:

Using our local professional network we have developed the capabilities and processes to provide our clients with high quality services.

Accounting & Audit Professional Services professionals are dedicated to serving clients in individual industry segments, leading to a keen understanding of industry-specific business issues and trends. Our goal is that to fully understand our client’s business processes, their goals and their strategy in order to provide with the added-value services.